Sunday, July 15, 2012

Britain Local Treasures

Walking in the British Isles becomes so enthralling and – ultimately – addictive because as well as the dramatic changes in the landscape as you pass through one county after another, wealth of  history and culture laid out. Once you start to explore you begin to appreciate the wonderful distinctiveness of society in United Kingdom. An early clue is the accents you hear in the villages, the shifting dialects where a vowel is dropped here or added there, and each region brings its own unique words and phrases. Then come the local stories, some based on historical fact, some flights of fancy but all fascinating. These legends and tales have shaped this nation and inspired great works of art, from Arnold Bax’s symphonic ode to Arthur and Guinevere to Arthur Conan Doyle’s demonic Hound of the Baskervilles. And of course there’s the food and drink. In a world dominated by facsimile high streets and copycat chain restaurants, a walk through the countryside delivers unique delicacies and good honest food to you on a plate, and even offers a decent drop in your glass. Your taste buds will love you forever.

Britain’s are spoilt in United Kingdom. They have miles upon miles of countryside that can help improve you in body, mind and, some would even argue, soul. Why not take your first step and  walk, walk in United Kingdom.

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